【種族共融 x 香港文化】 What do we like about Hong Kong? – 賽馬會茵怡青年空間

【種族共融 x 香港文化】 What do we like about Hong Kong?

Hong Kong’s non-Chinese ethnic minorities form a vibrant and colourful community comprising both new immigrants and those who have lived in the city for generations. This group of individuals are a growing community with talented skills and diverse backgrounds, however, when we talk about their integration into society, we may still find that they are facing many hurdles in the society. With the support from the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education, a group of teenagers from Jockey Club Verbena Youth S.P.O.T. went to the old districts in Hong Kong with youth from Pakistan, India and the Philippines, to discover the stories of these ethnic minorities in Hong Kong.


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Relax and Look Around



Wan Chai Park is one of my favorite places in Wanchai, our whole family can spend a whole day here. My parents would sit quietly under the tree and watch my brother and I play. I also like the big fountain in the park. We used to take some strange photos using some misplaced photography skills around this fountain, many interesting clips were recorded and shall last in my mind. I like to discover how we can do creative things in life.

Take a Breath



Good morning, city. The dense and tough lines show hustle and bustle life in the commercial world in Wan Chai, but we can always find the gentle part of the city in the alleys. The well-structured bamboo shed, the backstreets filled with motorcycles, the rainbow-colored stairs, the murals outside the store… these are the compassionate touches we like to see in the city.


Art in Community



Art is life. I am glad to see the painted geometric patterns and special-looking animals oiled outside the store, oversized cat balloons, stone statues wearing wedding costumes… The most special thing is that even the garbage station is also designed and colored (in a minimalist way)! I hope everyone will pay more attention to what are painted or designed on the street. We can always find art in our daily lives.


Embracing History



I am not a Chinese, nor do I have a lot of knowledge about the history behind the traditional buildings. But in the guided tour for us to understand more about the old district, I learnt three interesting characters: Fu(Blessing), Lu (Wealth) and Shou (Health). Fu Lu Shou are three gods of great historical value, representing health, wealth and blessing respectively. I think the most important thing is health, because under the epidemic, good health is the greatest blessing.

Traditional Market



Make a guess of what place this is: This is a place frequently travel by women. Children will find it very boring, but if you have to cook for your family every day, it should be a very interesting place, and it will also hurt a lot of brains as the things sold here every day are different! Thank you so much for the moms who cook for their families (of course there may also be dads)!

The Blue House



This is a very classic landmark in Wan Chai. In this a small living area, the neighbors take care of each other and do the management of the neighbourhood together. Although the building is very old, fortunately it has not been demolished, so I can enjoy an afternoon in this lovely blue building.

Highrise buildings



What is special to me about Hong Kong is that there are many high-rise buildings around. This is a very lively place, but at the same time, it makes people feels pressured. Those tall buildings with long windows sometimes makes me feel distant with the city. I also miss the days when I can see a whole blue, bright sky when I look up, so living in the city makes me look forward to hiking in the suburbs.

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